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The 2008 Iniscealtra Community Shield

The Second Iniscealtra Community Shield
5-a-side Soccer Tournament

Saturday 23 May 2009, Scariff, Co. Clare

Jakko's Warriors battle through closely-fought knockout stages to retain the Shield

Jakko's Warriors 2009 Champions Jakko's Captain receives shield (again) from Samaritans representative

Tournament format

  • The venue is the Scariff Showgrounds (Craven's Field), which will be signposted from the centre of Scariff.
  • Registration of teams and payment in full must happen before start of play. Registration will begin at 9.30am, the first matches will kick off at 10am. Any team that delays the start of a game by 5 mins will concede that game 1-0.
  • There will be three groups of four teams. The draw was made on Monday night. Each team will play the other teams in their group in a league. Two teams from each group, and the two third placed teams with the best record, will progress to the knock out stages (quarter final, semi final, final).
  • Teams can have 5-7 players, aged 16 or over, male or female
  • The entrance fee is €60 per team and proceeds will be donated to the Clare branch of the Samaritans.
  • Please consider a mythical or legendary name for your team in keeping with this year's Festival theme.

General information

  • Changing facilities will be available coutesy of Scariff Rugby Club
  • Food will be for sale.
  • For children we hope to have a puppet show, a craft workshop, face painting and games in the field.
  • Please feel free to bring along friends and family to enjoy the fun.
Scene from the 2008 tournament Scene from the 2008 tournament

Draw for the Group Stage

Group 1

Absolute F.C.
The Celts
The Children of Lir
The Loch Ness Monsters

Group 2

Maghera Marvels
Ardnataggle Athletic F.C.
Achilles' Heels

Group 3

Lough Derg Monsters
Green Horns
Jakko's Warriors
Brian Boru's Titans

Rules of Competition

  1. Five-a-side matches, eight minutes a half, one minute half-time break. Max 2 subs allowed - roll-on, roll-off, only when ball is dead. Subs allowed on/off as many times as they wish, at halfway line only.
  2. Ball allowed to be played in the air as in normal 11-a-side game.
  3. Ball out on sideline - play restarted with ball on ground where it left field, by player's feet only.
  4. Ball out on end line - corner as in normal 11-a-side game.
  5. Goalkeeper area marked on pitch.
  6. All free kicks direct, opposition must be 5 yards away; same distance with side-line kicks and corners.
  7. Goalkeeper touches ball with hand from back pass, or keeps ball in his hands for more than 6 seconds - penalty.
  8. In league stages: if two teams are level on points, goal difference will count, then goals scored.
  9. Knock-out stages: if teams are level- penalty shoot-out; sudden death; normal rota for kicks. A sub may take a penalty.
  10. Play will not be stopped unless: injury to goalkeepers, serious injury to outfield player, or head injury. Otherwise play will continue at all times. Attention should be received off the field of play.
  11. No added time will be added on, except for stoppages mentioned above.
  12. Each team is expected to bring a set of matching shirts or bibs.
  13. Each team or player is advised to be be covered by insurance (individual or Group) as Mixed Bag United will not accept any liability for injuries or accidents that occur on the day, nor will it accept any liability for the personal belongings of players.
  14. Each team should bring water bottles. The Red Cross will be present, but you might like to bring basic first aid supplies.

Disciplinary Rules.

All the normal rules of soccer apply. In addition:

  1. If a player receives one yellow card in a match, that caution will not be carried into the next match, and the player will be caution free for the next game.
  2. If a player receives two yellow cards in the same match, he will be dismissed and will be ineligible for the next game.
  3. If a player receives a straight red card he will be dismissed and ineligible for the next game.
  4. If a player receives a straight red card for any of the following offences, he will be dismissed immediately and will be ineligible for the remainder of the tournament:
    • Violent Conduct
    • Serious foul-play
    • Spitting

The winning team will be presented with the Iniscealtra Community Shield, by a senior representative of the Ennis and Clare Samaritans.

Best of luck in the tournament.