New team win the Cup!

John presenting the cup
John from Samaritans presents the cup

This year’s tournament saw a new trophy – the Iniscealtra Community Cup – and new champions – BantasaurusRekt. It was a great effort from the team, who only entered the tournament the day before when a team had to drop out.

The tournament formed a part of the Mountshannon Arts Festival. It was a charity event, and all proceeds – €1150 in total – were donated to Ennis and Clare Samaritans to help fund their invaluable work.

Group 1

Derg United
Derg United

Group 1 began with the meeting of the two teams who would also compete in the final. Both newcomers to the tournament, they served up a treat which saw Ballina Boys come back from 3-1 down to win 4-3.

This was followed by a close match between Mixed Bag and Lough Graney, who were also playing in the tournament for the first time. Mixed Bag held a one goal lead entering the final minute, but couldn’t hold on and the game ended in a draw.


An under strength Derg United – last year’s finalists – struggled to keep up with BantasaurusRekt, who improved with every game they played.

Another close game followed, and again Mixed Bag led 1-0, but Ballina Boys eventually proved too strong and ended up winning.
There wasn’t much between the teams as Lough Graney met Derg United, with Derg scoring the only goal.

Mixed Bag Dynamos
Mixed Bag Dynamos

In a close game that was pivotal in deciding the group Bantasaurus beat Mixed Bag 1-0. This meant Mixed Bag couldn’t progress to the knockout stage.

Lough Graney followed suit in the next game, well beaten by Ballina Boys, who guaranteed progression from the group.

Mixed Bag finally picked up a win in their final game, beating Derg. This made qualification for Derg very unlikely, and any hopes were ended in the next game with another Bantasaurus victory.
All that was left to determine in the final game of the group was to see who would top the group, which Ballina ensured when they continued their 100% record with an emphatic victory over Derg United.

Ballina Boys
Ballina Boys
Lough Graney FC
Lough Graney FC
Group 1 Scores
BantasaurusRekt 3 4 Ballina Boys
Mixed Bag Dynamos 1 1 Lough Graney FC
Derg United 1 3 BantasaurusRekt
Ballina Boys 2 1 Mixed Bag Dynamos
Lough Graney FC 0 1 Derg United
BantasaurusRekt 1 0 Mixed Bag Dynamos
Ballina Boys 3 0 Lough Graney FC
Derg United 2 4 Mixed Bag Dynamos
BantasaurusRekt 3 0 Lough Graney FC
Ballina Boys 6 0 Derg United
Group 1 League Table
Pos Teams Pl W D L GF GA GD Pnts
1 Ballina Boys 4 4 0 0 15 4 11 12
2 BantasaurusRekt 4 3 0 1 10 5 5 9
3 Mixed Bag Dynamos 4 1 1 2 6 6 0 4
4 Derg United 4 1 0 3 4 13 -9 3
5 Lough Graney FC 4 0 1 3 1 8 -7 1

Group 2

Spice of Life Boys
Spice of Life Boys

Group 2 began with last year’s champions Clare Corinthians getting off to a good start by defeating Sean Bean Sex Machine 2-0.

A close game followed which saw Slippery Chickens play out a 1-1 draw with Carthy’s Creatures.

The third game saw the Group 2 newcomers – Spice of Life Boys – take on the Corinthians. Corinthians continued their impressive start with another 2-0 victory.

An entertaining game followed, with Slippery Chickens facing Sean Bean. The Chickens recorded a good 3-1 victory which put them in a good position in the group.

Slippery Chickens
Slippery Chickens

The next game was a hotly contested affair between Carthy’s Creatures and Spice of Life. The game always looked to be decided by a single goal and thus it proved to be, with Spice of Life scoring the only goal.

The only goalless game of the day came next, with the Corinthians’ winning run halted by a spirited Slippery Chickens.

Both Sean Bean and Carthy’s went into the next game in precarious situations, knowing that only a victory would give them any chance of progressing. Sean Bean won the game 1-0, and so Carthy’s Creatures went out. As it happens this result meant Clare Corinthians were guaranteed a place in the knockout stages.

Clare Corinthians
Clare Corinthians

Slippery Chickens went into their final game knowing that a victory would guarantee them a place in the semi finals. Spice of Life, meanwhile, knew they would have their fate in their own hands if they didn’t lose. Both teams scored a goal, but neither went on to get a winner and the game ended 1-1.

Clare Corinthians went into their final game knowing a point would be enough to see them top the group. The result was never in doubt as they went on to defeat Carthy’s Creatures 4-0.

Sean Bean Sex Machine
Sean Bean Sex Machine

The final game in the group would determine who would join the Corinthians in the latter stages. Three teams had a chance of progressing – Sean Bean in the unlikely event they won by 5 goals, Slippery Chickens if they won by less or it was a draw, or Spice of Life if they could manage a victory.

The Spice Boys scored early, which all but ruled out Sean Bean’s chances, but they worked tirelessly to get back into the game – cheered on by Slippery Chickens! However, a second goal from the Spice of Life Boys sealed the fate of the other two teams and saw them progress.

It’s worth noting the Slippery Chickens bowed out unbeaten, and were the only team not to taste defeat on the day.

Carthy's Creatures
Carthy’s Creatures
Group 2 Scores
Clare Corinthians 2 0 Sean Bean Sex Machine
Slippery Chickens 1 1 Carthy’s Creatures
Spice of Life Boys 0 2 Clare Corinthians
Sean Bean Sex Machine 1 3 Slippery Chickens
Carthy’s Creatures 0 1 Spice of Life Boys
Clare Corinthians 0 0 Slippery Chickens
Sean Bean Sex Machine 1 0 Carthy’s Creatures
Spice of Life Boys 1 1 Slippery Chickens
Clare Corinthians 4 0 Carthy’s Creatures
Sean Bean Sex Machine 0 2 Spice of Life Boys
Group 2 League Table
Pos Teams Pl W D L GF GA GD Pnts
1 Clare Corinthians 4 3 1 0 8 0 8 10
2 Spice of Life Boys 4 2 1 1 4 3 1 7
3 Slippery Chickens 4 1 3 0 5 3 2 6
4 Sean Bean Sex Machine 4 1 0 3 2 7 -5 3
5 Carthy’s Creatures 4 0 1 3 1 7 -6 1

Knockout Stages

The first semi final saw a well contested affair between two very contrasting teams. BantasaurusRekt – a talented team of young players, fresh-faced and enthusiastic – versus Clare Corinthians – wily, experienced players who have demonstrated the know-how of winning consistently. The Corinthians’ three-year reign finally came to an end as Bantasaurus came out victorious, but the margin was a close one.

The second semi final was very close, with the Spice of Life Boys scoring first but unable to add a crucial second goal. Ballina Boys threatened throughout and evntually were rewarded with an equaliser. Neither side could find a winner, and the game ended up a draw. Consequently a penalty shoot out was required to determine a winner.

The shoot out was a tense affair, with feelings running high. Both teams showed confidence taking penalties, and the only miss came when one of the Spice Boys hit the crossbar. On such a fine margin then the tie was decided and Ballina Boys went on to the final.

As mentioned earlier the final saw the two teams who played the very first game of the day face each other once more. In that game BantasaurusRekt had built up a lead, only for Ballina Boys to come back strong. The final began in similar fashion, and Ballina found themselves behind once more. Bantasaurus had improved throughout the day, however, and were able to hold on to and indeed strengthen their lead – finishing off with a convincing 4-1 victory.

Knockout Stages
BantasaurusRekt 2 1 Clare Corinthians
Ballina Boys 1 1 Spice of Life Boys
penalties 5 4
BantasaurusRekt 4 1 Ballina Boys


This enjoyable charity event could not have happened without several key contributions. Sincerest thanks go to:

Scarriff GAA Club for providing the venue

Referees Joel, Oisín, John, Eamonn and Phil

Holly, for handling the admin on the day

Lucas, for acting as ball boy

Matthew for the photography

Sonia, for help tidying up

The Red Cross, for their expert medical care

Ber’s Café, for the delicious food and drinks

…and of course all the players who made the event such a lively and enjoyable one!

Joel and Oisin - referees for Group 1
Joel and Oisin – referees for Group 1
Holly busy with the team registration
Holly busy with the team registration
Cameraman Matthew and Holly
Cameraman Matthew and Holly

See you next year…

The winners with the Cup
The winners with the Cup

Iniscealtra Community Cup 2015 – The Details

The venue is the Scarriff GAA all-weather pitch on Sat May 23rd.

There will be two groups of five teams. Each team will play the other teams in their group in a league. Standard points allocation applies. The top two teams from each group will progress to the knock out stages (semi finals, final).

Registration of teams and payment in full must happen before start of play.

Refreshments available (rolls, juice, tea/coffee, cake)


Registration for Group 1 will take place between 9.30am and 9.45am; Group 1 matches will kick off at 10.00am.

Group 1 Teams:          

  • Mixed Bag Dynamos
  • Ballina Boys
  • Lough Graney FC
  • Derg United
  • BantasaurusRekt


Registration for Group 2 will take place between 12pm and 12.15pm; Group 2 matches will kick off at 12.30pm.

          Group 2 Teams:          

  • Slippery Chickens
  • Carthy’s Creatures
  • Sean Bean Sex Machine
  • Clare Corinthians
  • Spice of Life Boys


Any team that delays the start of a game by 5 mins will concede that game 1-0.


Rules of Competition

1. Eight-a-side matches, 15 minutes long, no half-time break. Captains will toss up to choose end before match. Max 2 subs allowed – roll-on, roll-off, player coming off must leave the pitch before the sub comes on. Subs allowed on/off as many times as they wish.

2. Ball allowed to be played in the air as in normal 11-a-side game.

3. Ball kicked out over fence – play restarted by opposing team with throw in or goal kick where it left field.

4. Ball touches outside of net (back or side) – keeper’s ball.

5. Goalkeeper area marked on pitch, keeper can only handle ball inside this (but is free to move in and out of area, as are all players).

6. All free kicks direct, opposition must be 5 yards away. No run up is permitted for penalties.

7. Goalkeeper touches ball with hand from back pass, or keeps ball in his hands for more than 6 seconds – penalty.

8. In league stages: if two teams are level on points, goal difference will count, then goals scored, then the head to head record. If still level then a penalty shoot out will be held to decide final positions in group.

9. Knock-out stages: if teams are level- penalty shoot-out; each team takes 5 penalties, then sudden death. A sub may take a penalty. No player can take a second penalty till all team mates have taken one

10. Play will not be stopped unless: injury to goalkeepers, serious injury to outfield player, or head injury. Otherwise play will continue at all times. The ball can bounce off the fence without play stopping. If the ball hits the low wire or lands on top of net – drop ball. Attention should be received off the field of play.

11. There will be no added time, except for stoppages mentioned above.

12. Each team is expected to bring a set of matching shirts or bibs.

13. Each team or player is advised to be covered by insurance (individual or Group) as Mixed Bag United will not accept any liability for injuries or accidents that occur on the day, nor will it accept any liability for the personal belongings of players.

14. Each team should bring water bottles. There is a tap on site. The Red Cross will be present, but you might like to bring basic first aid supplies.

15. Players can register for a second team, but must pay the entry fee for each.

16. In exceptional circumstances a team may call upon extra substitutes, but this can only happen with the approval of the organisers and the captain of the opposing team.

17. Metal studs are not allowed.



Disciplinary Rules.

PLEASE NOTE:- The referee’s decision is final. Any player arguing with the referee is liable to be cautioned.

All the normal rules of soccer apply. In addition:

1. If a player receives one yellow card in a match, that caution will not be carried into the next match, and the player will be caution free for the next game.

2. If a player receives two yellow cards in the same match, he will be dismissed and will be ineligible for the next game.

3. If a player receives a straight red card he will be dismissed and ineligible for the next game.

4. If a player receives a straight red card for any of the following offences, he will be dismissed immediately and will be ineligible for the remainder of the tournament:

Violent Conduct; Serious foul-play; Spitting


A representative from Ennis and Clare Samaritans will present the winning team with the Iniscealtra Community Cup.

Any queries contact Phil (087 2368777).

Best of luck in the tournament.