Iniscealtra Community Shield 2010 – Details

Iniscealtra Community Shield
Jakko's miss out on three-in-a-row

The venue is the Scariff GAA all-weather pitch on Saturday 29 May 2010.

There will be two groups of four teams. Each team will play the other teams in their group in a league. Standard points allocation applies. The top two teams from each group will progress to the knock out stages (semi finals, final).

Registration of teams and payment in full must happen before start of play. Registration for Group A will begin at 10am; Group A matches will kick off at 10.30am. Registration for Group B will begin at 12pm; Group B matches will kick off at 12.30pm. Any team that delays the start of a game by 5 mins will concede that game 1-0.

Group A Group B
Mixed Bag Allstars Absolute F.C.
Boru Titans United Men of Tulla
Fabulicious Clare Corinthians
Johnny’s F.C. Ogonnelloe Soccer Appreciation Society

Rules of Competition

  1. Eight-a-side matches, eighteen minutes long in group stage, 25 minutes long in knockout stage, no half-time break. Max 2 subs allowed – roll-on, roll-off, player coming off must leave the pitch before the sub comes on. Subs allowed on/off as many times as they wish.
  2. Ball allowed to be played in the air as in normal 11-a-side game.
  3. Ball kicked out over fence – play restarted by opposing team with throw in where it left field.
  4. Ball touches back of net – keeper’s ball.
  5. Goalkeeper area marked on pitch.
  6. All free kicks direct, opposition must be 5 yards away.
  7. Goalkeeper touches ball with hand from back pass, or keeps ball in his hands for more than 6 seconds – penalty.
  8. In league stages: if two teams are level on points, goal difference will count, then goals scored, then the head to head record. If still level then a penalty shoot out will be held.
  9. Knock-out stages: if teams are level- penalty shoot-out; each team takes 5 penalties, then sudden death. A sub may take a penalty. No player can take a second penalty till all team mates have taken one
  10. Play will not be stopped unless: injury to goalkeepers, serious injury to outfield player, or head injury. Otherwise play will continue at all times. The ball can bounce of the fence without play stopping. Attention should be received off the field of play.
  11. There will be no added time, except for stoppages mentioned above.
  12. Each team is expected to bring a set of matching shirts or bibs.
  13. Each team or player is advised to be covered by insurance (individual or Group) as Mixed Bag United will not accept any liability for injuries or accidents that occur on the day, nor will it accept any liability for the personal belongings of players.
  14. Each team should bring water bottles. The Red Cross will be present, but you might like to bring basic first aid supplies.

Disciplinary Rules

The referee’s decision is final. All the normal rules of soccer apply. In addition:

  1. If a player receives one yellow card in a match, that caution will not be carried into the next match, and the player will be caution free for the next game.
  2. If a player receives two yellow cards in the same match, he will be dismissed and will be ineligible for the next game.
  3. If a player receives a straight red card he will be dismissed and ineligible for the next game.
  4. If a player receives a straight red card for any of the following offences, he will be dismissed immediately and will be ineligible for the remainder of the tournament:
    • Violent Conduct
    • Serious foul-play
    • Spitting

A senior representative of the Ennis and Clare Samaritans will present the winning team with the Iniscealtra Community Shield.
Any queries contact Phil.
Best of luck in the tournament.